Revolutionize your manufacturing process with our NextGen SaaS-based MES Solution, bridging departments and driving real-time analytics for informed decisions.

A team collaboration with various dashboard

Empowering Shopfloor Workforce

Improved data visibility, eliminating manual data entry

Elevating Manufacturing Managers

Streamlined planning and automated processes for productive management.

Transforming Top Leadership

Take strategic and data-driven decisions to create future roadmaps.

Connect with our MES Solution to empower your workforce, streamline operations, and make data-driven decisions. Turn Shopfloor challenges into a symphony of success.

End the pain of paper-based reporting and siloed data

Bring Manufacturing Teams together to Collaborate

Our NextGen MES Solution empowers your workforce, streamlines operations, and provides real-time insights. Say goodbye to disconnected teams, inefficiencies, and outdated technology.

Multiple manufacturing personas collaborating on centralized dashboard

Don't waste time duplicating efforts. Digitalize a Powerful Team for Shared Success and Innovation!

Collaborate with a modern manufacturing platform to transform into a High Performing Agile Manufacturing Team.

Bridging the manufacturing divide – in a world without digital solutions

A Unified Manufacturing Hub for Modern Teams

Streamline Workforce with IfElseCloud MES

Streamline Workforce

Optimize scheduling and resource allocation to reduce labor costs and improve employee satisfaction.

Operational Management

Operational Management

Identify bottlenecks and optimizing processes using advanced analytics and machine learning to manage the production like never before.

Drive Decision Making

Drive Decision Making

Drive with real-time monitoring, customized reports, and analytics to improve overall business performance.

Eliminate Manual Processes

Eliminate Manual Processes

Streamline operations with advanced MES technologies and smart solutions.

Automate Workflows

Automate Process Workflows

Reduce errors with advanced automation solutions, improving efficiency and quality.

Improve Business Agility

Improve Business Agility

Monitor and respond to changes in real-time, improving overall business outcomes.

How does IfElseCloud help shopfloor workforce?

Redefine Operations Workflows with a Smart Solution for Shopfloor. For Lean or Agile Manufacturing.

IfElseCloud is built to tackle the common problems faced by the Shopfloor workforce in the Manufacturing Industry and delivers the top-notch digital experience. With Smart Shopfloor Software and Digital Manufacturing tools, it fine-tunes your operations and production processes in real-time, boosting productivity.

Production Planning Solution

Work-Order Management

Integrate seamlessly with ERP to import work orders, create them on-the-fly, and auto-update status with Shopfloor connectivity. Export the data back to the ERP system for accuracy as the source of truth.

Smart Job Scheduling

Optimize productivity and product quality by assigning jobs to the most efficient production lines.

Real-time Work Order Status

Get real-time insights into the shop floor and receive accurate completion time estimates. Optimize work order change/setup time by combining jobs.

Production Improvements Insights

Gain valuable insights into waste production, downtime, and key failure reasons for each SKU to optimize the production process.

Production Rate Monitoring

Take timely actions by monitoring the production rate of each job in progress and each line, conveniently available at your fingertips.

Maintenance Planning Solution

Predictive Machine Maintenance

Quickly check upcoming planned maintenance and associated work and promptly start or stop ongoing unplanned downtimes while logging failure reasons/equipment and comments.

Equipment Maintenance Planning

Effortlessly visualize maintenance by equipment and promptly schedule recurring maintenance for optimal equipment upkeep.

Shopfloor Maintenance Planner

Effectively minimize the MTBF by visualizing historical and upcoming downtimes and planning better for improved downtime management.

Machine Downtime Analysis

Optimize the production process by obtaining insights into waste production, downtime, and key failure reasons for each SKU.

Circumstantial Downtimes Monitoring

Easily start and stop ongoing downtime with a single touch and automatically update the Production Pacing Boards targets for streamlined operations.

OEE Monitoring Solution

Real-time OEE Calculations

Get minute-by-minute insights into key OEE calculations for high-paced production environments, with real-time calculations for optimized operations.

Hourly OEE Monitoring

Effortlessly monitor the OEE of each production line per hour and overall shift summary on a single dashboard for easy accessibility and streamlined operations.

Shift Production Board

Streamline shop floor operations with an Industry 4.0 standard production board for each shift and day, serving as a comprehensive one-stop shop for all your production needs.

Daily/Weekly Production Boards

Stay ahead of the curve and avoid missing monthly targets by identifying trends early on with the weekly production board. Automatically aggregated data provides key insights for optimized operations.

OEE Failure Analysis

Leverage the power of ML and AI to gain automated insights and alerts, enabling you to discover the key issues in your manufacturing process for streamlined operations.

Manufacturing Reports Solution

Automated Shift Reports

Eliminate the hassle of end-of-shift paperwork with automated shift reports that are delivered to everyone's mailbox, allowing you to go home after a long shift without worrying about additional administrative tasks.

Weekly Production Reports

Eliminate the weekly burden of creating reports by automatically automating the process and receiving them with all the key insights. Focus on more critical tasks and decision-making with the valuable information at your fingertips.

Automated Shopfloor Reports

Access all production reports easily and quickly with just a few clicks. Work order reports, production schedules, and SKU reports are automatically generated, freeing up your time to focus on planning.

Machine Failure Reports

Identify key reasons for machine unavailability and Big Six losses and categorize failures for easy analysis.

Waste Management Reports

Production line quality and reject reports help manage waste and improve production quality.

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Make it your manufacturing collaboration platform. For everyone. For every department.


Production Rate Insights


Performance Insights


Availability Insights






Cost and Loss

Manage your
manufacturing with modern MES software.

Never wait for a report to come. Stay connected and master your manufacturing floor from wherever you are.

How does Modern software help managers in manufacturing?

Create Production Workflows with Smart Manufacturing Solution, not endless paperwork.

Improve the production and operational processes with simple manufacturing workflow software. IfElseCloud provides the real-time tracking of production status, and makes communication a breeze. It equips you with Production Management Platform, so you can make smart, data-driven decisions.

Smart Jobs Scheduling Solution

WorkOrder Management

Optimize productivity and product quality by assigning jobs to the most suitable production lines.

Production Capacity Planning

Optimize production capacity by analyzing the real-time production feedback of each line and material to plan jobs accordingly.

Real-time Production Monitoring

Monitor manufacturing productivity with real-time manufacturing insights from Line Dashboards.

Remote Multi-Site Management

Access real-time data for all manufacturing sites remotely with visual factory monitoring. Eliminate the need for emails or phone calls.

Centralize Line Production Boards

Centralize and optimize your manufacturing operations with a dashboard that displays real-time data from all production lines across the site, helping you to increase efficiency.

Centralize Site Level Production Boards

Monitor all production machines across the site with a centralized dashboard to identify overarching issues and find solutions for the worst-performing lines.

Maintenance Planning Solution

Predictive Maintenance

Easily import work orders from your ERP system or create them directly in IfElseCloud.

MTBF/MTBR Analysis

Improve the Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) and Mean Time Between Repairs (MTBR) by analyzing real-time production insights.

Asset Maintenance Planner

Schedule and automate recurring maintenance for assets and analyze their failure rates for each production line, the entire site, or each SKU variant to improve overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and reduce downtime.

Automated Downtime Reports

Analyze the impact of planned and unplanned downtimes on production lines to optimize productivity.

Line Downtime Trend Tracking

Get actionable insights through machine learning (ML) and understand patterns to reduce downtime.

Maintenance Planning Tasks

Create and assign maintenance tasks, and keep the entire team informed about the progress and completion to ensure all necessary steps are followed.

Production and OEE Monitoring

Real-time OEE Monitoring

Track the real-time performance of all production machines with Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) dashboards, providing insights into availability, performance, and quality metrics.

Performance Failures Analysis

Identify the main reasons for manufacturing performance failures attributed to the workforce and shopfloor operators.

Availability Failures Analysis

Track critical failure reasons for production lines, machines, and equipment to prevent downtime and boost productivity on the shop floor.

Quality Failures Analysis

Analyze quality failures for each production line or SKU to identify the best and worst performers for specific tasks and minimize waste.

Monthly Production Boards

The calendar-style monthly production board is a favorite among managers, as it visualizes day-by-day production KPIs, without every needing to generate the reports again.

Real-time Production Rate

Make informed decisions with real-time production rate tracking for each line and improve manufacturing efficiency.

Reporting & Analytics Solution

Big Data Analytics in Manufacturing

Get actionable insights through Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms to understand the overall manufacturing performance and identify shortcomings.

Production Trends Analysis

Analyze failure rate, production rate, and hourly trends throughout the day to identify areas for improvement and optimize production.

SKU Failure Analysis

Improve product quality with SKU-specific failure analysis. Intelligent shopfloor reports to identify issues and implement improvements.

Monthly Manufacturing Reports

Optimize manufacturing with monthly automated insights. Analyze performance, identify trends, make data-driven decisions for process optimization.

Quarterly Manufacturing Reports

Automate report generation for higher leadership. Collect data once and generate all reports automatically to avoid siloed data.

Annual Manufacturing Reports

Get yearly reports generated for you as a professional printing press does them. No need to spend time compiling data - we've got you covered!

All benefits for Manufacturing Management

A production management platform for managers to collaborate in a paperless manufacturing environment.


Data Aggregation Levels


Processes Reduced




Unlimited Reports





Nothing says, "efficiency" like a pile of paperwork.

Oh wait, we meant Digital Tools. Our bad.

How does Smart Manufacturing Software help the top leadership?

It's the era of Industry 4.0 and you are the leader. Redefine it with digital manufacturing solutions.

As a forward-thinking leader, you know it's key to use techs like AI and Machine Learning to stay ahead in the game. IfElseCloud packs in many tools like Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), Shopfloor Intelligence, Lean Manufacturing practice and predictive planning. With IfElseCloud, your manufacturing always has a modern software layer.

Global Manufacturing Connectivity

Remotely Monitor Manufacturing Sites

Manage multiple manufacturing sites remotely by connecting them to a modern SaaS platform. Monitor and operate all your factories globally with one centralized MES.

Connected Manufacturing Processes

Access insights on all your production machines and lines across different locations by connecting them to a centralized SaaS platform. Remotely monitor and manage your factories, analyze production data, and make informed decisions.

Industrial IoT Connected Factory

Smart factory with interconnected machines (SCADA, PLC, IIoT sensors) connected to Azure/AWS via MQTT for real-time insights into the production process.

IT/OT Convergence with Smart Software

Bridge the gap between IT and OT by using an easy-to-integrate platform, eliminating the need for multiple legacy integrations.

Inter and Intra Factory Collaboration

Collaborate with data and bring all your teams on the same page to improve overall production processes across all manufacturing sites.

Manufacturing Excellence Solution

Annual Planning Executive Reports

Automate annual report generation for executives. Data-backed insights aid informed decision-making and budget planning, saving time and money.

Manufacturing Transformation Project Reports

Easily track process improvement with in-app IX projects and regular progress reports. AI and ML provide deeper insights for data-driven decisions.

Real-time Annual Production Board

Get real-time production target visibility with dashboards, enabling early actions to meet goals.

Automated Quarterly Production Reports

Receive quarterly reports automatically via email to support and drive internal Lean or Agile projects with data, making them successful.

Production Loss Analysis with Machine Learning

Reduce manufacturing losses by utilizing detailed analysis provided by ML and AI across all units. Take timely action based on insights to improve overall efficiency.

Initiate Process Digitalization

Machine Learning and AI-Driven Decisions

Adopt emerging Industry 4.0 tech and Big Data processing for manufacturing optimization. Reduce downtime, improve efficiency, and streamline operations.

Automate Production KPI Reports

Set clear manufacturing KPIs to establish performance expectations and monitor progress toward goals. Automate reports to quickly identify and address any key issues or areas of improvement.

Modern Smart Factory Standards

Implement the key practices of the smart factory with a modern digital manufacturing platform (MES) to make your manufacturing paperless, connected, and backed with insights by ML and AI.

Advanced Shopfloor Automation

Automate data acquisition and gain shopfloor insights with connected devices that bridge cyber-physical gaps, enhancing data-driven automation in your manufacturing process.

Manufacturing Digital Data Twin

Utilize data to create a digital twin of your production environment, enabling you to gain insights through What-If scenarios and take proactive actions based on data-driven insights.

Industry 4.0 Transformation Projects

Digital Manufacturing Practices

Replace paper, whiteboards, and Excel with a smart MES platform accessible via native mobile apps and the web, bringing Industry 4.0 to your manufacturing environment.

Continuous Improvement Projects

Real-time automated reports can drive continuous improvement and reduce the need for expensive consulting to gather insights.

Implement Lean Manufacturing Practices

Implement Lean Manufacturing by gaining key production insights for all SKUs and production lines. This includes identifying areas for improvement, reducing waste, and optimizing workflows.

Implement Agile Manufacturing Practices

Leverage local proximity for faster deliveries and reduce job backlogs and turnaround time while meeting customer demand with greater agility.

Production Process Optimization

Simplify your manufacturing process by replacing legacy systems with a centralized system that provides real-time information at all levels.

All benefits for the Top Leadership Team

A Smart Manufacturing Software for continuous improvement and circular economy.


Shift Report


Daily Report


Weekly Report


Monthly Report


Quarterly Report


Yearly Report


Digitalize your entire manufacturing workforce.

Take the next step to digitalize your site!

Doing it repeatedly? Automate.

Because those who automate, win.

Digitize your manufacturing operations and attract modern workforce with our Smart MES solution
Digital Platform for Modern Workforce

Attract and retain top talent while gaining critical insights using ML and AI technology by eliminating manual work.

Connect & Collaborate with Our Platform Suite - Empower Your Team!

Improve Team Collaboration

Revamp your manufacturing process with the latest real-time data insights. Identify bottlenecks, and boost productivity to take your business to the next level.

IfElseCloud Smart MES Applications on Web, Mobile and Tablet
Improve Productivity

Increase productivity with automated workflows and data-driven decision making.


Gain valuable insights to optimize the production process and reduce unpredicted downtime.

IfElseCloud Smart MES Applications on Web, Mobile and Tablet

Improve collaboration between teams with real-time data sharing and communication.

Agility and Transparancy
IfElseCloud Smart MES Applications on Web, Mobile and Tablet

Adapt to changing market demands with a flexible and scalable manufacturing solution.

Revolutionize Your Manufacturing Team's Productivity with Digital Manufacturing Solution

Smart MES for Modern Production Team

Talk to us if you have any questions on how to implement the solution in your environment. There are no consulting or one-time setup cost or long-term contracts.

End the paper nightmare in your operations and bring digital transformation to your manufacturing.

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